Under the Microscope

Legacies of lockdown. How might Covid-19 restrictions reinvent master planning and urban design?

Episode Summary

Our behaviour has been turned upside down by Covid-19 with newly discovered habits around how we live, move and shop reshaping communities overnight. But just how many of these societal changes will remain when economics overtakes health in the nation’s list of priorities? Which of the positive changes we’ve seen in the last six weeks could end up enshrined in the planning system? Socio-economics planner Juliet Clark; landscape architect and urban designer Danielle Percy and heritage consultant Kate Hannelly-Brown, give Ben Lee the Bidwells lockdown lowdown on: 1. How current social distancing measures might impact place making in the longer-term 2. What has Covid taught us about urban design? Will the balance of indoor / outdoor space and public / private space change? 3. Just how far will the urban grain of our city centres be transformed? Will urban densities be affected? 4. How might planning re-imagine the high street? What new uses could we see and why?

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